Prove Jesus & His Followers Wrong
We currently have 22 pledges totaling $1,200,000.
We'll give this money to anyone who can prove to us that Jesus is not who he said he was.
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Russell Brunson

The Challenge is Simple!

We, the friends and members of Tent Makers Union, challenge the public to prove our faith in Jesus Christ wrong. Further, we pledge a sum of money to anyone who can convince us to turn away from our faith in Jesus.

If you DO NOT believe that Jesus is who he said he is...

We challenge you to Prove Us Wrong by presenting your best, most well-researched statement of why you do not believe. (In writing or by video.) Every submission will be reviewed and considered by a panel of Tent Makers Union members who will respectfully and intelligently respond as well as post your submission and their response in our public forum. All who pledge any dollar amount to the challenge commit to pay out that full amount to anyone who can convince them that Jesus Christ isn’t who he said he is, and does not provide saving grace to all that seek his love. Convince any one of us, and their pledge is yours. Convince all of us, and the full pledge amount is yours to keep.

If, like us, you believe that Jesus is who he said he is...

We challenge you to Prove Us Right by joining us with your pledge of faith, and sharing that pledge publicly: In person, through your display of Prove Us Wrong merchandise, and on social media repeatedly. We also ask that you regularly read or watch and consider any challenge submissions. If you are convinced to change your mind and stop believing in the saving grace of Jesus because of any submission, you must pay out your pledge amount to the person or organization that created the submission.

I want to prove Jesus


I want to prove Jesus

To keep the pledge honorable,

Our friends and members must not pledge anything they do not have. Your pledge amount will be kept in confidence at your request, but under no circumstance should you pledge any amount greater than your personal net worth.

To keep the challenges honorable,

We ask that your submissions be intelligent and well presented. Submissions based on personal experience, circumstances, and emotion are just as welcome as submissions based on historical or scientific research. However, submissions deemed frivolous, those that appear to mock or belittle the challenge or those who have pledged to it, and submissions that do not present any genuinely compelling historical, scientific, emotional, or experiential challenge to the existence or history of Jesus the Christ will not be responded to and will not be posted on our public forum.

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